Are You Familiar with Your Booth Materials?

Presenting your business in a trade show can proof vital for the lifespan of your business. It is because trade show is a promising field to grab a new investor, enhancing a fresh business relation or simply raise brand awareness.

From many calculations and planning in your to do list, we bet that one of them is choosing what sort of material that will make your booth standout but easy to transport as well. This will make you on a difficult position since these both factors equally important.

Luckily, this post dedicated to make your life easier by describing what materials that qualified to make your booth stand out and easy to install.

Tensioned fabric

Tensioned fabric is one of the best lightweight booth stand materials that has the same similarity for an outdoor tent installation. Just simply pressed into the slot of the modular frame that will cause the fabric to tense when all four edges are inserted. Tensioned fabric design is simply straightforward because it simply fold up and easy to transport, as well as leave no damage.

Eco friendly traditional cardboard

This material is suitable for the green living lovers. Or else, if you need to save money and refuse to make a wasteful cost, you can build your booth with traditional card boards. The simple flat-pack design is perfect for exhibitors looking to update their branded display, while new business can give a unique perspective by making the booth stand out from the exhausting looking booth.

Paper elements

If compared with cardboard, paper offers less structural support. But, what makes paper the most preferred choice because due its artistic capabilities that could make an awesome ornament for almost any exhibition. Since it’s a lightweight material, paper element have wonderful quality that give a sense of softness to booth and structures.

These 3 most popular material for exhibition booth should give you the right guidelines that will make your booth easily spotted and stand out. But, there’s still one missing factor for you to produce a flawless exhibition booth and that missing factor is professional digital printing services.

Quickprint Indonesia have plentiful experiences that will make your booth substantial for any clients or customers, also guaranteed to make your brand leave a lasting impression that will strengthen the professional and emotional relations with your customers.

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